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Lukić, Marko

Species diversity and distribution of cave Collembola in Dinaric karst
Lukić, Marko*1,2, Bedos, Anne3; Deharveng, Louis3
Ruđer Bošković Institute, Zagreb, Croatia
Croatian Biospeleological Society, Zagreb, Croatia
Muséum National d’Histoire Naturelle, UMR7205 CNRS/MNHN, Paris, France

Although cave dwelling fauna of the Dinarides is relatively well known, one of the most diversified group of cave terrestrial invertebrates, Collembola, remain heavily understudied and undersampled. Altogether 26 species from 14 genera (8 families) have been described to date from caves of Italy (1), Slovenia (13), Croatia (4), Bosnia and Herzegovina (5) and Montenegro (2) with scarce distributional data. Extensive Collembola sampling during last 5 years and analysis of part of Croatian Biospeleological Society Collection resulted in data set for 650 caves (95% from Croatia) presented in this study. A total number of 13 000 specimens were examined and 260 specimen were DNA- barcoded using 658 bp 5’ region of COI. Some genera were not morphologically studied in details and for them the MOTUs were used as surrogates to species. Two new genera and 45 new troglobiotic species and MOTUs from 10 families were identified. First troglobiotic taxa of family Isotomidae (Parisotoma sp. nov. and two new genera) and Neelidae (Neelus sp. nov.) were recorded for Dinarides. This study shows that Collembola is one of the most diversified group of terrestrial cave fauna in Dinarides together with Coleoptera, Araneae, Pseudoscorpiones and Oniscidea.